Clayton, North Carolina | Hoping to Get More Ducks Migrated by Next Part of the Season

Flyway Atlantic Flyway Flyway Location Central Name Drake Stevens Date 12/9/2015 Specific Location Clayton, North Carolina Weather Condition Partly cloudy, 50-60 degrees Summary We're inbetween seasons right now in NC, we have a 2 week break, hoping to get more ducks migrated by then. I've hunted public land all year so far and have barely had any luck (Harris and Jordan Lake). There have been a low number of ducks seen and many hunts without even taking a shot. I scouted a spot on private land today. Saw 4 mallards and 3 wood ducks as we walked into the swampy area. After shooting light would have ended, we had around 150 mallards, 100 geese, and 25 wood ducks land in a pond also on the private land. Hopefully these ducks will still be here once the next part of duck season rolls around in a couple weeks.