South Florida | Numbers in Divers and Puddle Ducks Tripled

Flyway Atlantic Flyway Flyway Location South Name Eric McHugh Date 11/23/2015 Specific Location South Florida Weather Condition Cold front brought large thunderstorms and rain throughout Florida followed by a 10-20 degree cooler temps in the low 60's Summary What a difference a week later and a mild cold front can do for the migration in Florida. When you’re one of the last stops for migrating birds in the Atlantic Flyway you need a lot of help from Mother Nature to push birds down for the opening November season. The week before the opener we observed a couple hundred ring necks, redheads, and Scaup along with a few puddle ducks including Blue wing teal, Wigeon, and pintails. The day before season opener the numbers in divers and puddle ducks tripled in a couple days. All across central and south Florida the lakes with good habitat are holding good numbers of ring necks. Not as great as years past but I would rate the migration just below average for us in Florida. Shallow marshes like the Storm Water treatment areas are holding good numbers of puddle ducks as well. With the majority of hunting parties getting mixed bag limits of teal, mottle ducks, whistling ducks, ring necks, and Wigeon on opening morning. The coastal marshes like Merritt Island are producing decent numbers of teal, widgeon, pintails, redheads, and Scaup. We still need some cold weather up north for more birds to sustain our hunting areas with birds to last thru the season. Remember it’s not about the number of birds you shoot. It’s about cherishing the time in the field with family and friends. Be thankful for the gifts life has to offer and the freedom our country provides us to be able to hunt. Lastly, take the time this year to show our youth the way into duck hunting especially those who may not have anyone to show them the way.