Central and South Central Kansas | Ducks and geese can be found on larger bodies of water

Flyway Central Flyway Flyway Location Central Name Ronnie Kondo Date 01/11/2016 Specific Location Central and South Central Kansas Weather Condition Highs into the mid to low 50's Lows into the low teens Cold fronts moving into the region have played havoc with temperatures Summary Freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw… This has been much of the story as of late for a large area of the region. A late December storm has pushed in many new birds. With the cold temperatures, many of the smaller bodies of water have froze, pushing many of the birds to larger/deeper bodies of water or areas of flowing water. With the up and down temperatures, finding consistency with the birds can be difficult, especially in areas where the birds are pressured. Good numbers of ducks and geese can be found on those larger bodies of water, especially if sheltered by the wind on those cold and windy days.