North Central | Few Ducks with Minimal Geese

Central Flyway Flyway Location: Central Name: Jason Summers Date: 11/05/15 Specific Location: North Central Weather Condition: There is a cold front that has moved in late this evening and supposed to stick around till late next Saturday. The temperature is supposed to stay in the mid 30's to low 40's during the night and  highs into the high 50's during the day into next week. We still need a good snow up north to get the main migration moving. Summary: There has been a few birds move down,but still waiting on the geese. There has been a few ducks with minimal geese on area ponds and lakes. I've been getting reports of birds still in NoDak and SoDak with some in Nebraska. It's going to take a good snow and low temperatures to get the birds moving south.... It's getting close,but not soon enough.