Hard Core | Atlantic Flyway Report

Atlantic Flyway - Hard Core Manager: Jeremy Bedette Region: Northeast Rollercoaster weather has produced rollercoaster results. While some in the Northeast are reporting productive puddle duck harvests, others are seeing limited activity. Success seems to be concentrated on cut ag fields. Scouting is a must. Canada Geese are plentiful and the coast is reporting good numbers of brant. Divers are showing up daily and have been spotted on several large bodies of water. However, many report divers are rafting and not moving much, which is probably attributed to the moderate temps. Many people are reporting an abundance of common mergansers and buffleheads. Some seasons in the Northeast are coming to a close while others are still going. The one common thing is that there is a ton of food and mild temps and to be successful you need to SCOUT, SCOUT, SCOUT! Waterfowl Species Observed: Blue Bills, Black Duck, Redheads, Canada Goose, Snow Goose, Mallard, Ring Necks Region: Carolinas The southern coast has been reporting decent numbers of mallards and divers. However, inland, reports are that there are very few local birds and they haven't seen a push of new birds yet. Waterfowl Species Observed: Wood Ducks,Blue Bills, Redheads, Canada Goose, Mallard