Hard Core | Atlantic Flyway Report

Atlantic Flyway - Hard Core Manager: Jeremy Bedette Region: Northeast Some seasons are closed, some still going, and some waiting for the next to open. One thing is for sure, the North has snow and Canada Geese everywhere. With a recent nor'easter much of the Northeast/New England were covered up in anywhere from a few inches to up to 2 feet of snow. Small back water potholes are ice covered and birds are starting to concentrate on big water. Divers are being reported in increased numbers and where seasons are open, hunters are reporting decent numbers of mallards and black ducks while some that hunt traditional early season spots are reporting low numbers. The finger lakes area in New York is seeing a strong number of snow geese which will continue to grow as the month of December marches on. To ensure success go back to the basics. Birds want food, water and safety. Find the ag fields that hitting and where they are roosting (big water). This time of the year means big spreads and battling the weather. Get the hot hands and ice eaters ready and get ready! Waterfowl Species Observed: Blue Bills, Canvasback, Black Duck, Redhead, Canada Goose, Snow Goose, Mallard, Pintail, Coots, Ring Necks Region: Carolinas The numbers being reported in South Carolina right now is usually reserved for January. However, with the weather the North has seen lately, birds pushed south sooner which has made for some great hunting. Rice fields are producing good amounts of gadwall, mallards and wigeon while the coast is seeing large amounts of ring necks. Some have even reported redhead and canvasback harvests. One thing is for sure, with numbers like this, things should only pick up and get better; and the north continues to get snow and stay at or below freezing. Waterfowl Species Observed: Wood Duck, Redheads, Teal, Mallards, Wigeon, Gadwall