Hard Core | Mississippi Flyway Report

Mississippi Flyway - Hard Core Manager: Tom Forman Region: Upper Mississippi The past week brought the first major winter storm of the season across much of the Upper Mississippi flyway. Heavy snowfall followed by frigid temperatures caused most of the inland lakes and potholes to freeze. The storm forced a big push of mallards through the Mississippi and Illinois River Valleys. Many hunters reported harvesting limits of mallards during the early part of the week. Following the storm, there are reports of the "northern birds" still being spotted in the northern states of the flyway. Hunters that have access to river systems are still having very successful hunts; however, it's been difficult to fill their daily bag limits with odd ducks. Hard Core | Mississippi Flyway Report Canada Goose numbers are increasing daily in the Rochester, Minnesota area. Many hunters reported seeing migrating Canada Geese during the early part of the week. The geese appear to be staged at the snowline as southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois have not seen the strong push of migrating geese as of yet. Waterfowl Species Observed: Canvasbacks, Black Duck, Redhead, Canada Goose Region: Central Mississippi The opening weekend for many of the central parts of the flyway was very rewarding. Prior to the opener, locals reported that they have NEVER seen this many birds in the area at this time of year. One individual reported, "This reminds me of the good old days and hearing my grandfather talk about the number of birds that use to be". Waterfowl Species Observed: Wood Duck, Teal, Mallard, Pintail, Wigeon, Gadwall, Redhead, Blue Goose, Specks/White Fronts, Snow Goose