Hard Core | Mississippi Flyway Report

Mississippi Flyway - Hard Core Manager: Tom Forman Region: Upper Mississippi Well the week of Thanksgiving brought another big push of birds. On Thanksgiving Day, flock after flock of Canada Geese were seen migrating through southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Many hunters were out on their traditional Thanksgiving Day hunt with family and friends and witnessed the birds passing through the upper Mississippi Flyway. The new birds in the area brought successful hunts to many hunting parties that were in need of fresh birds to the area. The warmup and strong southerly winds forced the birds to remain in the area as many of the local ponds and lakes thawed out. The last day of November was a site to see. Many hunters reported that they have never seen so many mallards in northern Illinois. The morning temps started out in the upper 40s with winds out of the southwest. By the days end, temperatures were in the low 30s with strong northwest winds. The Mallards were spotted moving north and south all day long in very large flocks. Waterfowl Species Observed: Mallard, Pintail, Canada Goose