Hard Core | Mississippi Flyway Report

Mississippi Flyway - Hard Core Manager: Tom Forman Region: Upper Mississippi By the end of next week the majority of the states in the upper flyway will be closed for ducks. The duck population in northern Illinois is uncountable at this time. They are "EVERYWHERE!” The warm weather and steady temps have caused most if not all of the ponds and lakes to open back up. The lack of snow and cold temperatures within the last two weeks have caused the ducks to concentrate in this area. Many hunters harvested limits of mallards in agricultural fields to finish out the 2014 Duck Season with a "Bang.” Canada goose numbers remain strong; however, hunting warm weather birds has made it difficult. All of the hunters are praying for a change in the weather pattern and new birds to hit the area. The light geese and specks have been on the move since the beginning of the week due to the south winds and warm weather. Many hunters are having successful hunts in southern and central Illinois harvesting snow geese and specks. Waterfowl Species Observed: Black Duck, Canada Goose, Blue Goose, Specks/White Fronts, Snow Goose, Mallard, Pintail   Region: Central Mississippi The light geese are on the move heading north in waves. This explains why many hunters in Central Illinois have had successful hunts the past few days. The duck population in Arkansas remains strong; however, the numbers are just not like they were during opening weekend. The warm weather and steady temps have pushed many bird back north for the time being. Waterfowl Species Observed: Wood Duck, Blue Goose, Specks/White Fronts, Snow Goose, Mallard, Pintail, Wigeon, Gadwall, Shovelers