Henned Up Gobblers │ Tips and Strategies to Increase your Chances

Henned Up Gobblers │ Tips to Increase your Success by Chris McLeland There are few things more frustrating in turkey hunting than dealing with a henned up gobbler.  Given the basic law of the woods, when a gobbler has his harem at his side there is zero need for him to step away to come investigate that lone hen that is yelping at him from somewhere off in the distance.  It seems like not matter how good the calling, or number of decoys you have out, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Henned Up Gobblers | Hard Core BrandsDealing with a henned up gobbler can truly make you question your commitment to turkey hunting as frustrations continue to build throughout the day’s hunt, however, this obstacle can be overcome with a little savvy and patience. Turkeys can be very simple animals.  During the spring months, they have three things on their mind, find a reliable food source, breeding/nesting, and roosting.  As hunters, we tend to be our own worst enemies when it comes to dealing with tough situations and in many cases, we may overthink our strategy when things don’t go exactly as we planned right off the roost.  This can create a sense of urgency which can cause us to become careless and make mistakes.  The following are few simple turkey hunting tips that can help you be successful the next time you find yourself up against a henned up gobbler. Build your understandingHaving an understanding or solid familiarity with the area you’re hunting is important no matter what species you are chasing, however, this is especially true in the case of a henned up gobbler.  It is important to remember that while the gobbler is the king of the spring, he will follow the hen.  No matter if there is one hen, or 20, that bird is going where those hens go.  Turkeys are very much creatures of habitat, and with some careful observations, you can determine the flocks travel patterns from one part of the farm to the other.  Having this information can be critically important in helping you determine your game plan to put that gobbler in the back of the Chevy.  Remember, there is no such thing as too much information. Flextone Tramp Stamp Slate AdCalling As was eluded to earlier in the article, calling to a henned up gobbler can sometimes seem as if you are wasting your breath, and in some cases you might be.  There are some things to consider when calling to a henned up gobbler that can help you get a crack at him.  For example, if you find that the gobbler you are chasing is with hens that seem very vocal, mimicking what they’re doing can sometimes steer the flock in your direction.  The dominant hen tends to be more vocal and doesn’t appreciate when she is cut off.  Often, with little patience you can bring the birds close enough for a shot.Be MobileOne of the most advantageous turkey tips when dealing with a henned up gobbler is the willingness to be mobile.  While there are many situations where posting up in a spot and hunting all day is the appropriate strategy, when dealing with a henned up gobbler having the ability to make adjustments can pay off in a big way.  We have all ran into that situation where the gobbler or gobblers and hens are stuck in the middle of a field, and seem as though they will be there all day.  Having an understanding of the topography and terrain can help you navigate yourself in to the optimal position.  Turkeys can fool you to thinking they are veering one way, only to swing back around and head the opposite.  Settle in and be prepared to make multiple moves if necessary, however, do not sacrifice a risky move at the chance of exposing yourself.  Always do you best to keep the birds in sight, as they can be difficult to locate to due lack of vocalization. Tips and Strategies | Hard Core BrandsRemember its turkey HUNTINGWe all love the sight of a big long beard strutting right into the decoys, but I bet we all love the sight of a longbeard riding the in the back of the Chevy even more.  While its always great to have those situations where you make your set up, and call the gobbler right into the gun barrel, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day it’s not about decoying the turkey, it’s about hunting the turkey.  When dealing with a henned up gobbler, we sometimes have to go to great lengths to get a shot.  That’s the challenge in dealing with a henned up gobbler, so be sure not to restrict yourself in your tactics based on a notion of what turkey hunting is “supposed” to be. If it was easy, everyone would be successful. It about winning the war, not the battleHunting a henned up gobbler, and more importantly harvesting a henned up gobbler, is more about patience and persistence than anything.  Sometimes it may take a full day before you get a shot, sometimes it may take several days but each time you encounter that stubborn longbeard he will teach you something that you can use to your advantage, and help ensure he has a dirt nap in his future.  The key is to not become discouraged, and remember the harder you work the greater the rewards.While hunting a henned gobbler can seem like a lost cause at times, if you are willing to put in the effort and hard work it can be one of the most exciting and thrilling turkey hunting challenges you will face.  These turkey hunting tips can help you even the score with that stubborn longbeard and place the odds back in your favor this spring!