Getting fit during the "off season."

I know there is no real "off season," but now that duck season is technically over, it is time to hit the gym. No, I don’t mean run into it with your truck either. Most everyone that knows me, knows that I lost a lot of weight recently. That has been due to a strict program of working out and eating right. But like many of you, when duck season gets here, going to the gym takes a back seat to shooting ducks and geese. This led to me gaining a few pounds back to my mid section. Let’s be honest, when it’s time to chase specks, chocolate donuts are probably my go-to meal. They are fast, delicious, easy to grab, fit perfect in my Hard Core Guide Bag and don’t seem to bother the Beretta very much either. Now that my favorite time of the year has ended, however, it’s time to start my second favorite time of the year - gym time. 1620152_689870777720311_1959046805_n-300x300 Hitting the gym and losing 60 pounds has made me feel better and hunt harder! Now that I am not living out of my truck, it is time to get my diet in line. Everyone will tell you something different when it comes to healthy eating to get in shape. Here is what works for me. Eat every three hours, with good carbs in the morning. Protein is key. I eat nearly a pound of chicken a day and have two or three protein shakes as snacks. If I am not hitting the gym that day, which you can’t work out every day, I will cut out the protein shakes. Getting the proper amount of rest is vital too. You have to let your body recover, or you’re actually going to do more harm than good. With my diet back on track, it’s time to hit the weight room. I personally work out four or five days a week, and do cardio five days with two days of rest. I’ll say it again, rest is the second most important part to losing weight. Diet being the first and cardio/weight training is third. Here is a quick layout of my weekly work outs. Keep in mind that this is just a list. In my opinion, it is very important to keep your body guessing, by changing up your workouts regularly. Doing the same thing day-in and day-out can lead your body to hit a plateau, and then you start backsliding. Arms and the back(triceps) - Everyone wants to have those big arms,well the tricep makes up 80-percent of your arm so if you want big arms, work your triceps Abs – Who doesn’t want a flat stomach? Sit-ups and other programs that target the abs are the way to get there. Back of legs (the gluts, hamstrings and calves) - I work these areas out all at the same time as when I work on my abs 1624057_694405020600220_636893503_o-300x144 Hitting the weight room is good, but have a plan and don't over do it! Chest and shoulders - Its very important to be careful working these two groups out together because its very easy to have the wrong angle and over work a muscle group. Front of legs (quad) and biceps - Now this is this where I start to do things different than some. I always work out my arms with big muscles, such as my legs because the experts say that you produce the most testosterone when lifting these body groups. I will also sometimes work my abs with this group. Some say Abs can be worked twice a week but I don’t always get to them twice. Cardio - I mix up my cardio weekly to be doing something different because, lets face it, doing cardio sucks. Hitting the stair master, running, or an incline treadmill seems to do the best job for me. If I find my back workout wasn’t the best, I will use the rowing machine as my cardio exercise. As the season gets closer, I take my cardio outside. I put on ankle weights to start then slowly add weight into a pack, which simulates carrying all my gear out into a field. After I’ve added all the weight and feel comfortable walking long distances, I’ll start riding a bike. Getting into bike riding shape is a big part of getting ready to hunt because where I hunt, we use bikes to get out into the fields. On our public land in California, we can only ride bikes in the field and some places are walk-in only. There are places we have to walk or ride a bike 2 miles to get into that perfect hole/blind. I am not a personal trainer nor do I want to act like one I am still far from my goals but I have lost 60 pounds doing things this way. Duck season is only 100 days here in the Pacific Flyway, so I push my self the rest of the year so I am able to walk further, bike faster and carry more stuff into the perfect hole for ducks, or for the “X” on specks. This is just a quick over view of what I do if you’d like more details, leave a message reaching out to me and someone will make sure I get it. I’d be happy to help you in any way I can! It's Not Easy! By Scott Roduner, Hard Core Pro staff Pacific Flyway Manager