Barry, Calhoun, Kalamazoo Counties | We Still have Birds Moving Down

Flyway Mississippi Flyway Flyway Location North Name Sean Beeke, Beek' Date 12/02/2015 Specific Location Barry, Calhoun, Kalamazoo Counties Weather Condition Overcast, snow flurries and mix precipitation. Winds out of SouthWest . Temps ranging between low 40's to upper 20's. Summary Divers filtering in on inland lakes, have a decent push of Mallards going through . Canada Geese holding strong in our area and have been here for some time. Birds in corn fields around Kalamazoo and Thoroughly River, and various lakes .Flocks of hundreds of geese can be hard to work, try hunting within vicinity of Roosting areas in fields, without getting too close . Try Little calling ,but as much decoy motion as you can get is a must(Flagging and motion stakes) These tactics have been working on stale birds. We still have birds moving down and one more weekend till the close of our season.