Central Wisconsin | A Good Sign that Some Birds have Moved into the Area

Flyway Mississippi Flyway Flyway Location North Name Drew Bartell Date 11/11/2015 Specific Location Central Wisconsin Weather Condition SW winds before a Major front, switching around to NW 35 MPH +. Partly to Mostly cloudy. Summary The lakes around central Wisconsin have been pretty empty for the last few days. Tonight 11/11, I scouted the lake and as I was watching, it was wave after wave of Blue Bills and a few other divers mixed in flying up and down the lake. A good friend of mine hunted this exact spot on Sunday and saw 12 ducks. Tonight I saw upwards to 2000. I believe some birds moved in ahead of this major front. As far as mallards, I have been also seeing the numbers climb. We had lots of rain the last week or 2 and the fields are flooded. Last weekend there were mallards using cornfields with sheet water in them. You would see 10-15 in a puddle here and there. Monday and Tuesday those same puddles in the fields now have 25-40 birds in it. A good sign that some birds have moved into the area now.