North/Central Missouri | Get Covered Up!

Flyway Mississippi Flyway Flyway Location Central Name Nick Graves Date 12/04/2015 Specific Location North/Central Missouri Weather Condition Weather conditions have been unfavorable to say the least. With temperatures flirting around the freezing mark at sunrise, then quickly heating up to temps just shy of sixty degrees. Is this Decemeber?? Let's hope old man winter makes a good push some time soon to get birds up and moving! Summary With weather being poor the ducks are surprisingly abundant all over the north side of Missouri! From the northwest side to the northeast side and in between have refuges holding hundreds of thousands of ducks! There's still plenty of puddlers around due to the weather if I had to guess, with an abundant amount of mallards mixed in! Some reports put their mallards over 120 thousand! The down fall…… a lot of these birds have been around since the beginning of season or Veterans Day, which was the last big front to come out of the great north. These birds are smart!! They haven't made it this long being dumb. That being said you can still have great success! My best advice is to get covered up! I can't stress that enough! They've seen every poor attempt of covering up so make sure you are hidden!! Once you think you're hidden look again when the suns up! Keep checking that cover! Calling has varied but one thing remains the same, when they start working you and finishing get realistic and soft on the calling. Good luck and shoot straight!