NW Illinois | Nonstop Migrating Ducks moving into Illinois

Flyway Mississippi Flyway Flyway Location North Name Matt Ward Date 11/22/15 Specific Location N.W. Illinois Weather Condition Cold and snowy. Summary I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of ducks and geese that have moved into Illinois. Thursday with falling temps and high winds it made the hunting conditions tough but there was nonstop migrating ducks moving into illinois as soon as it was light enough to see. Friday brought colder temps and more ducks ahead of the nasty storm that dumped almost a foot of snow over much of the upper Midwest. Mallards are starting to hit the corn fields with the cold temps and snow dabbling alone is not enough food for them. Snow stopped midday Saturday and the hunting contuniued to get better with plenty of divers on the river. Species seen or harvested, mallards gadwal, green wing teal, ring necks, hooded mergansers, buffleheads. I expect ducks will continue to trickle into illinois with temps staying steady in the mid to upper 30's from now until Thanksgiving.