SE Wisconsin | Local Roosts Have Doubled in Numbers

Mississippi Flyway Flyway Location: North Name: Zach Kumbier Date: 11/05/2015 Specific Location: SE Wisconsin Weather Condition: Weather over the past week has kept most people finishing up chores before winter instead of pursuing birds.  With temps in the mid 60s and even the low 70s it has been unseasonably warm for November in Wisconsin.  Thankfully a front will be pushing in by this weekend, bringing with it cooler temps and the chance for rain. Summary: Contrary to what most would expect with warm weather, there has been a slight influx in both duck and goose numbers.  Over the past few days some local roosts have doubled in numbers of honkers.  While most of the corn is down, both mallards and geese seem to be concentrating on greens and soybean fields with this warmer weather.   I anticipate the feeding habits to change very soon when the weather becomes consistently cooler.  Also a fair amount of divers have staged up on some of the inland lakes and don't appear to be in any hurry to leave.  Once this weather breaks there should be a lot of opportunities available for land and water hunters.