Salt Lake Marshes | Gadwalls and Spoonies into the Area

Flyway Pacific Flyway Flyway Location Central Name Sammy Russell Date 12/14/2015 Specific Location Salt lake marshes Weather Condition Snowing temps are falling. Month started out warm with south winds. All ice that was present at the end of November melted with the warm temps. Summary Hunting has started out slow this month birds were congregated. Do to ice so open water was the key to success. Big push of gadwalls and spoonies into the area. Geese are now starting to show up in small waves. Warm temps melted the ice and the birds that are around were scattered through out. Making hunting and patterning birds difficult. Snow is now falling along with temps so ice will begin to form. Look for birds to be on the feed big time. Bulking up for the cold. Expect the afternoons to be your best as the day time temps rise enough to thaw ice out a bit. Birds will move during the warmest part of the day. Even if that's just a couple of degrees change. Birds should be coming in on the front and behind the front as it passes.