Salt Lake Marshes | Geese are now moving in from up north

Flyway Pacific Flyway Flyway Location Central Name Sammy Russell Date 12/29/2015 Specific Location Salt lake marshes Weather Condition Cold on and off snow. Day time temps below freezing . Night temps teens to single digits. Summary The snow and freezing temps are finally here. Geese are now moving in from up north. Ducks are around still but in concentrated areas of open water. Hunting is midday till close. When day time temps hit their warmest. Birds move in search of food. Find open water you find ducks. Use more coot decoys this time of year. Not only due coots represent food source in area, but also their black coloring stands out more so attracting birds off in the distance. Geese are traveling back and forth to and from food and resting area . Look for areas below there flight path set up spreads of sleeping and resting decoys, fullbodies and more shell decoys this time of year. You want to represent and content flock of geese that is resting and conserving energy. Aggressive calling is not needed few clucks and moans is all that is needed to seal the deal. Good luck and happy hunting