3 Considerations That Make The Best Goose Decoys

Buying Goose Decoys Based Off Of These 3 Considerations Year in and year out, Canadian Geese will provide a worthy challenge even the most seasoned of goose hunters.  Although all species of waterfowl can be very difficult to chase, geese possess the flock mentality which can whittle down into either fooling the lead goose or fooling the whole group!  Because of this very effective defense mechanism geese can be one of the most difficult challenges that waterfowl hunters will face in the corn fields and rivers this winter. The single most important item that could make or break the hunt is utilizing the right goose decoys. Here are 3 consideration for you to find and purchase the best goose decoys. Although the same can be said of all forms of waterfowl hunting, goose hunting in general is sport that requires both a high volume of gear and the hunter’s reliance on that gear to be successful.  With the right gear and a little bit of scouting, grit and a little bit of luck thrown in you can be well on your way to a successful goose season.  Because goose hunting is a heavily gear driven activity, goose hunters more than any other group of hunters have come to demand the most out of their goose hunting gear.  From calls and ammunition, to goose layout blinds, and of course goose decoys, goose hunters will routinely test the limits of their equipment each and every fall.

So, in a sport that is heavily gear driven what is the number one piece of equipment that more goose hunters depend one each and every fall?  It is very likely if you were to survey a random group of goose hunters some responses would surely indicate that their Beretta is the most important piece of gear they will take to the field.  Others would respond by saying their ammunition is the most critical piece of hardware they will bring to the field.  Both are solid answers, and both are certainly important. However, most goose hunters would respond by saying that aside from their shotgun and ammo that their goose decoys are the number one piece of equipment that they need to be successful when chasing geese this fall.  Goose decoys are critical piece of goose hunting gear that can certainly make the difference between success and failure. So it is safe to say, the goose decoys are important.  What you may not know or realize is that not all goose decoys are created equal.  Selecting the right decoy is a critical and often overlooked step when purchasing decoys in general.  There are a wide range of goose decoys available today, so it is more important than ever to take your time and ensure you are selecting the right goose decoy. Today’s waterfowl market is flooded with a wide range of gear and equipment.  With multiple options to choose from, it can be incredibly confusing for a goose hunter when it comes to picking the right goose decoy.  Doing your research and selecting the appropriate goose decoy that that can hold up to your style of hunting is a critical piece of being successful each and every fall.  Investing in your decoy set up can be one of the most important things you do as a goose hunter, so ensuring that you are making a sound investment in equipment that will last is critically important as well.  Again, not all Goose Decoys are created equal, and with prices and quantities varying from very cheap to outrageous it is important that you get your monies worth but also that you choose the right decoys for your situation.  Though it may seem like a daunting task, especially for someone who is just getting into the sport of goose hunting, it can really be quite simple.   One of the best ways to begin your decoy search is to consider durability, realism and “huntability” of the decoys you are researching.  These three decoy qualities or attributes can help you narrow down your search for you next set of goose decoys. Goose Decoy Consideration 1: Durability

Chasing Canada Geese is tough physically, and be extremely demanding on both the hunter and the decoys.  From in and out of layout and pit blinds, being thrown into the back of the truck day, to sledding through mud and muck of a grain field or cattle pasture, goose hunters will test the durability and construction of their goose decoys every day and every season.  The durability of a hunters goose decoys is critical to their success each and every fall.  Although there are many styles of goose decoys to choose from, most goose decoys are typically constructed of either molded plastic or foam.  These options can obviously offer the different levels of durability depending upon the environments in which you hunt. When looking to purchase your next set of goose decoys it is important to think about the style of the hunting you’ll be doing with decoys you purchase.  Hunting open water or river habitats such as sandbars and mud flats is completely different and less demanding than other situations.  Hunting grain fields and other similar habitats can sometimes take a toll on your decoys.  Perhaps you are not an exclusive goose hunter, and will hunt a wide range of habitats this fall?  The point is, you should always consider the type of hunting you will be using these waterfowl decoys for, as that will help you determine the level of durability you will need from your decoys. There are a wide range of views the four options available today, many of which are fully constructed from high density foam, or are at least partially constructed from foam components.  These decoys offer an advantage in terms of their overall weight.  In essences these decoys are easy to carry and haul.  Additionally, there lightweight construction allows for an ease of motion, as they can move with just the lightest of breezes. While realism is important, goose decoys that are comprised primary of foam have a fairly significant trade off.  These decoys sacrifice durability for motion and ease of use.  In other words, foam constructed decoys have a hard time holding up to the demands of the aggressive goose hunter and may not exactly be what you are looking for this fall. Hands down the most popular goose decoys are those constructed of molded plastic.  Molded goose decoys can to hold up to the wear and tear of grain field hunting while still providing an excellent since or motion and realism.  Molded goose decoys can often be the best choice regardless of the environment you’re hunting. The common complaints surrounding molded body goose decoys typically concern their overall weight, space that they take up compared to other options and there overall construction.  While in the past some of those concerns may have been valid, times are changing as technological advances in goose decoy construction become better and better.  Molded goose decoys are always going to take up space, and have given many a goose hunter an excuse to buy an enclosed trailer.  That is simply a tradeoff that goose hunters will have to bare. That being said, it is hard to beat the realism that a full body goose decoy provides! In terms of weight, todays molded full body and floater goose decoys are becoming more durable while at the same time shedding weight.  Weight concerns are slowly becoming a thing of the past.  Lastly, in the past many goose hunters had concerns with the overall construction of a molded full body goose decoy.  Concerns stemmed from paint flaking off the plastic, to cracks in the plastic construction.  Goose decoy construction the technology used to build them keep advancing each and every year, and these concerns are too becoming a thing of the past! Goose decoys can be a sizable investment, so it is critical the purchase decoys that will last a while in the durability that a molded decoys. Before purchasing your next set of goose decoys, give some thought to their durability, and the demands you will place on them.  It will certainly help you narrow down your decision. Goose Decoy Consideration 2: Realism Realism is incredibly important when searching for and purchasing the best goose decoys.  When the weather turns cold, and you’re in the final days of goose season, geese have become very educated and very wary.  At this point in the season, the flock mentality of the geese you are chasing is in full swing.  In today’s world of decoys, there are many different choices when it comes to paint schemes and paint patterns.  The trick is purchasing a realistic decoy that will hold up to the demands of a 60+ day season year in and year out, while not breaking the bank of course! The biggest issue with goose decoys when it comes to realism is actually the wear and tear.  While it decoy may look like the real thing, many of these decoys will have faded or chipped paint by their fourth trip to the field.  A goose decoy that looks good on the shelf yet can’t hold up to the daily grind of goose hunting does you no good.  Before you purchase you next  set of Goose Decoys, do a little research to ensure they’re getting your money’s worth and that you can expect your decoys to maintain their realism for many seasons to come! Goose Decoy Consideration 3: “Huntability”

Most everyone is familiar with the term “usability”.  Usability typically refers to how easy or how hard something is to use.  In the world of goose decoys, the same thing can refer to as “huntability”.  Huntability, refers to just how easy it is to utilize a particular type of decoy in a particular type of setting.  When it comes to chasing geese, it sometimes takes several moves before you finally find the X on the map so to speak.  Loading and unloading in and out of trailers or off an ATV can take its toll, and you want a decoy that is built and constructed with the hunters use in mind.  The simple fact is, some decoys are simply not constructed in such a way where they be moved easily and often.  In other words they have low huntability.  Factors such as the weight of the decoy all the way up to the type of weight and line system they have factor into the huntability of the decoys.  Goose decoys that offer a fast and effective base system can provide a goose hunter with high huntability as they can be taken down and put up fast.  This is critical when it comes to making a move that ends in a successful hunt! Purchasing The Best Goose Decoys? With these 3 considerations, the hopelessness of finding the right and best goose decoys may seem impossible. Something that hunts well, is durable, but is extremely realistic may be a needle in a haystack, but with this advice comes some suggestions. An example of goose decoys that live up to the 3 considerations are Hard Core goose decoys.  The new technology to advance the art of decoy construction can now be found in the new goose decoys. Hard Core Brands new Elite Series full body goose decoys are now made out of new Hard Core material that offer excellent abrasion resistance and impact strength.  In addition, these new molded goose decoys are also crack resistant which helps to protect your investment each time you head out to the field. The New Hard Core goose decoys can be found in the Hard Core Brands Fully Flocked Elite Feeder 6 Pack and the Hard Core Brands Fully Flocked Elite Touchdown 6 Pack

 Hard Core Brand New Elite series goose Decoys above have taken the factor of realism into heavy consideration. The New Elite Series goose decoys are now fully flocked from head to toe offering an unmatched level or realism and durability that will not break the bank.  The fully flocked Elites can offer you the leg up you need when hunting late season honkers and will hold up to anything abuse a goose hunter can dish out! The next time you’re shopping for goose decoys, take some time to consider these three factors.  Being able to identify the level of dependability that you need for the type of environment you hunt will certainly help narrow down your search.  Remember that realism is important, but not at the expense of durability.  You want a decoy that is going to continue to look good for longer than the second trip to the field.  Hunt ability is important.  Not only do you want your goose decoys to be durable and realistic, but you need them to be easy to use as well.  While there are many decoys to choose from, Hard Core Brand’s extensive line of goose decoys will have you checking all three of these boxes and will keep you spending your time in chasing geese instead of shopping for replacement decoys this fall!


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