Making Your Own Luck │ The Magic of the Jerk Rig System

The Hard Core Snap Back Jerk Rig│ Hold the Upper Hand This Fall The difference between a successful hunt and going home empty handed boils down to two things; being in the right place at the right time and tricking the eyeballs of the waterfowl that you are after. As most duck hunters know, being in the right place at the right is simply a product of good scouting. Being able to fool ducks and geese really comes down to realistic waterfowl decoys, with realistic set up and movement. Hard core magnum mallard decoys can help any waterfowl hunter provide an extremely realistic decoy spread. These decoys provide a sense of realism that is unmatched by any other decoy on the market. They are extremely lightweight, and provide motion in your spread with even the slightest breeze, and we all know how important that is! These duck decoys have a durable construction, and will hold up against all the wear and tear that even the most dedicated and Hard Core waterfowl hunters can dish out during the course of a duck season. Hard Core duck and goose decoys are some of the most realistic watefowl decoys on the market and offer paint schemes that are unbelievably life-like, which set them apart from the competition. The Hard Core Magnum Mallards will convince even the most stubborn ducks to break away and come take a look. The amazing realism, durability and vibrant paint scheme are the “X factors” that make these decoys the deadliest on the market. Hard Core haJerk Rig | Hard Core Brandss mastered the art of developing and producing high quality duck and goose decoys that meet the needs of even the most dedicated waterfowl hunter. While being in the right place at the right time, with the right gear, can help make all the difference between a poor hunt and a successful hunt, sometimes even that isn’t enough. One thing that even the most seasoned waterfowl hunter cannot control is Mother Nature, herself. Nothing puts a dampening on a trip to the marsh much like a low-wind day. When duck hunting, a day in the marsh with little to no wind is comparable to being stranded on a desert island, and can seem like all hope is lost. Ducks and geese tend to fly less on calm days and those that do spread their wings and take a little spin around the marsh, with the uncanny ability to tell the difference between decoy spreads and the real thing. As you can imagine, one of the main reasons waterfowl are able to spot even the most realistic decoys during these conditions is simply the lack of movement in the decoy spread. Movement is not necessarily confined to the decoys themselves. In many cases, the attraction has more to do with the movement of the water than the decoys itself. There is nothing more disheartening than to have the ducks or geese that you are after to lock up on the spread at 100 yards only to break and peal out right before the shot is called. The Hard Core Snap Back Jerk Rig System can help hunters put an end to this issue and help to put more birds in the bag this fall. The Hard Core Snap Back Jerk Rig System helps to provide amazing realism and movement into any decoy spread. The design of this system not only provides an unmatched realism to the decoys themselves, but also enables those decoys to provide realistic water movement, just like the real thing! The Jerk Rig System is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of situations and habitats, but is ideal for shallow water marshes or flooded corn fields. The system can hold up to four Hard Core duck or goose decoys. Jerk Rig System | Hard Core Brands Most waterfowl hunters know, as the season drags on, the tougher the conditions and the harder the ducks are to decoy. Getting the waterfowl to commit later in the season typically requires hunters to pull out all the stops and lay it all on the line. Having trust in your equipment can help increase your confidence as the season progresses, and the Jerk Rig System can certainly help increase your confidence and put you in the best possible positions to be successful this fall. Using the Jerk Rig System is incredibly simple and easy. The patented cleat style design will hold in many different types of substrates and soils making it incredibly versatile. Many hunters have varying opinions of where the jerk systems should be placed within the decoy spread. With the Hard Core system accompanied with Hard Core Magnum Mallards, the most effective location is right in the hole. As the season wanes on, wary ducks and geese will key in on the movement, and will tend to try and land on the ripples produced by the motion system. For this reason, the best location to place the Hard Core Jerk Rig System is right on the “X.” It is always a good idea to be prepared for any and all situations that you may encounter in the marsh this season. Keep the odds in your favor and stay one step ahead of the competition. Make the Hard Core Snap Back Jerk Rig System part of your set and harvest more ducks and geese this fall!