Spring Snow Goose Apparel - The Definition of High-Performance Layering

The old saying “you never know what you’re going to get” holds true with snow goose hunting in more than just the amount of activity or birds harvested from the days outing. It’s also a perfect description of the type of weather you could experience while in the field. The spring migration itself is fueled by the absence of or abundance of snowfall along the birds’ northern route, and when you’re in hot pursuit of this mass migration you’re going to need to be prepared for anything.

 A very labor-intensive sport in itself, hunting spring snows can have you in the field well before daylight (or long after sunset) strategically placing hundreds of decoys. Not something you’re going to want to do in your brand new insulated bibs. Any repetitive activity is going to cause you to begin to perspire, if not dressed properly that same perspiration will stay trapped in your clothing and whey you are finally ready to set down and load your gun, you’ll start feeling the chill quickly and soon be making your way back to the truck.

 While setting decoys and brushing blinds, you are going to want to start with a good base. The base layer is just as important as the outer layer as each piece is designed to perform in its own specific way. A Power-M Base or Power-F Base set from Hard Core Apparel will perform well and provide that inner layer protection that you need. These two sets are similar in design, the main difference being the material they’re constructed of – Merino Wool or Fleece. Both have proven performance records in wicking moisture while retaining heat.

 Hoodies have been a part of the waterfowler’s apparel arsenal for many years now, and that still holds true today. The Arctech Fleece Hoodie is the perfect “second step”. This hoodie not only provides warmth and extra head/neck protection from the elements, it’s the perfect piece to finish out your upper body for those high-activity times we discussed earlier.

 When it comes to pants, you’re going to want to wear something that compliments the base layer you’re wearing. The H3 Pant not only wicks away moisture, overlaid fabric panels reinforce the major high-wear areas. The four-way stretch properties of the material itself make these the most mobility-friendly hunting pant available today.

 Once movement has ceased and it’s time to hunt, you’ll want to make sure you have those outer layers close at hand. This is where the weatherman comes in to play. If you’re looking at sunshine and south winds, just the simple addition of the Hammer Hi-Bird Jacket or Vest  may be all you need. In colder climates you’ll want to slide into a pair of Finisher Xtreme Bibs and Finisher Xtreme Parka.

 Apparel accessories play just as big of a role as the apparel itself. For setting decoys and brushing blinds a more mobile glove like the Hammer Hi-Bird would be the obvious choice. As the morning progresses and activities slow, grabbing a pair of H2 Gloves out of your blind bag. Their wind-proof construction will help keep your hands warm and ready. Last, but not least are the H2 Gaiter and H2 Beanie. These windproof, Berber Fleece garments are the definitions of “don’t leave home without it”.