Better Goose Hunting │ How to Hold Geese Over Summer

Summer Time Geese │ Attract Now for More Goose Hunting This Fall By Chris McLeland If there is one thing that most of us waterfowl hunters have been guilty of from time to time, it would be neglecting to think about our most precious and sacred resource during the “off season.” The fact is, without proper habitat, habitat management, and conservation; we would be unable to enjoy chasing goose hunting every fall. The time for getting this done is now. The work that is put in during the summer to hold waterfowl, the better the goose hunting will be this fall. Canada Goose 12 Pack While it is important to understand the habitat that ducks and geese look for in the fall, it is equally as important to understand they habitat they are seeking during the summer months. If you live in an area of the country where waterfowl actively nest during the summer months, then having this understanding of habitat and habitat management, can be a great asset to you come fall, especially for goose hunting the early season. While most of us enjoy spending time in our Hard Core Man Caves, chasing geese around the corn fields, their diets and habitat requirements are much different during the dog days of summer. By early spring, geese have broken into breeding pairs, and are looking for a place to pull off their nest. Geese will tend to key in on areas of water, with lush and short vegetation. One of the best management practices that you can do to make your lake or pond more appealing to waterfowl is to keep the vegetation short around the perimeter of the lake or pond, while maintaining denser cover adjacent to the short cover. The will provide the geese with browse areas, as well as provide brood rearing areas for the young geese The denser vegetation can allow a location for the geese to nest, as well as provide safety from predators. The key to holding summer time geese is maintaining this habitat structure, to ensure they geese have everything they need. If the geese remain unharassed and you do your part in maintaining what they need, you should be a happy waterfowl hunter come fall. Canada Goose with young | Hard Core BrandsIf you are lucky enough to have a pond or a lake available to you, and you have never had geese utilize these areas during the summer months, then we suggest you give these simple recommendations a try. While you may on notice a few geese the first year, repeated habitat improvements and management during the following years should only increase the number, especially if the resident geese are successful in pulling off a brood. As hunters, it is our responsibility to ensure that we do our best to leave the outdoors in a better condition than we found it. While these tips may seem simple and common, they can make a huge difference in terms of the breeding condition of the resident geese in your area, as well as the overall goose population as brood size will likely increase, ensuring plenty of goose hunting opportunities come fall!