Get Serious with Hard Core | Pre-Rigged Mallards

Get Serious, with the Pre-Rigged Mag Mallards! by Chris McLeland We have been involved with waterfowl both personally and professionally for many years, and we have to tell you, it never gets old. Having the opportunity to work closely with waterfowl keeps reminding just how keen their senses are. Let’s face it; we’ve all been the unfortunate recipient of ducks flaring out of the hole at 60 yards for one reason or another. For us, the difference between a successful hunt and going home with a handful of spent shell hulls boils down to two things; 1) being in the right place at the right time & 2) tricking the eyeballs of those wary waterfowl. Being in the right place at the right is simply a product of good scouting. Tricking the eyeballs of mallard, depends on how well you’re hid and the quality and realism of your decoys. Hard Core | Pre-Rigged Mag Mallards #1Name a decoy…..I’ve probably used it, but to me nothing has produced results that the Hard core magnum mallards have, and here’s why! To me, these decoys provide a sense of realism that is unmatched. They are extremely light weight, and provide motion in your spread with even the slightest breeze, and we all know how important that is! These bad boys have an absolutely durable construction, and have held up against the all the ware and tare that I could dish out in a 60 day duck season. The paint scheme on each Hard core decoy is, to me, unbelievable! The Hard core Magnum Mallards will convince even the most stubborn ducks to break away and come take a look. The amazing realism, durability and vibrant paint scheme are the X factors that make these decoys the deadliest on the market. As I have gotten older, I find myself looking for the “easier” way to get from A-Z. I have to admit, I used to be the guy that would be reluctant to make “the move”. You all know what I’m talking about….when the bird’s don’t want to be where you are; rather the X is 100 yards away. I absolutely hated picking up the spread, winding up the line and making the move. It seemed like it took an eternity. Well, let me tell you, if you haven’t been introduced to the Texas Rig system you should become familiar. It has changed the way I hunt waterfowl. Having the ability to pick up an entire spread, make youHard Core | Mag Mallards and Decoy Bag r move and be ready to pull the trigger in a matter of minutes has greatly increased my rate of success! The Hard core pre-rigged Magnum Mallards come standard with 36” Texas Rigs. This not only saves you money up front, but automatically makes you a more effective waterfowler! I have personally changed all of my decoys over to Texas Rig systems, and you won’t find me buying anything other than Hard core pre-rigs from here on out. Add the Hard core Texas Rig decoy bag to the mix, and you’ll be looking for your best duck recipe! Chris McLeland is a professional waterfowl and wetlands biologist from central Missouri. Chris is an avid waterfowler, and has recently been added as an expert contributor to Look for more of Chris’s articles every month!