Hard Core Decoys | Increase your Effectiveness by Converting to the Texas Rig System

Give your Hard Core Decoys an Upgrade! As waterfowlers, we are always looking for a way to increase our efficiency and effectiveness.  As any hard core duck or goose hunter will attest, having the ability to easily adapt or adjust to any situation or condition will help to ensure your packing out a full lanyard of birds, and not just unspent shot gun shells.One of the easiest changes that a waterfowl hunter can make to their spread is to covert from the “standard” decoy rigging method to the Texas Rig or “Quick Rig” decoy line and weight set up and here’s why.  To us, nothing is more frustrating than having to make multiple location changes during a trip to the marsh.  However, if you want to kill ducks and geese, it is important to be as close to where they want to be as possible.  We have made moves as short as 50 yards, and have had that make all the difference.quick rigs | Hard Core BrandsIn the past, making multiple moves was nothing short of a headache.  Contently having to wrap your decoys up one at a time, just move to the next location and possibly do it all over again!  Repeating this process over and over again is not only a pain in the rear, it is also a time killer.  When we hit the marsh, we’re there to put ducks on the ground, and it is very hard to do that when the majority of your time is spent dealing with your decoy line.  Inevitably, as always happens we begin to take short cuts to “save time”.  We find ourselves not completely wrapping our decoys, or trying to make a move by holding the strap weights in our hands only to reach our destination to find a knot so large it would be Russ Griswold envious. The Texas rig decoy system removes all of the un-needed anger and frustrations and allows you to do what you came to do, and that’s hunt!  The Texas rig system is very simple, consisting of merely a heavy duty, aluminum snap, attached to a length of table free decoy line (lengths will vary) with a bell weight that is allowed to move along the line, and a crimped loop at the opposite end.  Simply clip the aluminum snap onto the keel of your Hard Core decoy, and you’re ready to go.  When moving from one location to another, decoys will be held together by a large carabiner and when the time comes to set the spread, simply sling and go!  Pick time is cut down dramatically, taking only a few minutes to collect 3 dozen Hard Core Mallards.While Texas rig systems can be purchased separately, Hard core offers a wide range of our Elite series of duck decoys “pre-rigged” with the Texas rig system.  We invite you to check out our wide selection of “pre-rigged” systems and decoys as well as Texas rig decoy bags and accessories and hope you find yourself spending more time hunting, and less time untangling knots this fall!