Hard Core Dream Hunting Trips

We all have done it. Sat around with hunting buddies and talked about hunting. Heck it’s one of the great things about having hunting buddies. One of those topics that always comes up is, if you could hunt anywhere you wanted to, where would you go? A bucket-list destination is something we all have. For many of us, it’s going to Stuttgart, Arkansas to hunt the fabled flooded timber there. For others, it’s going to Manitoba and hunting the marshes where Delta Waterfowl got its start. Others would travel to Maine to hunt sea ducks, while others still might travel to Utah to hunt the Great Salt Lake. The places one could put on a bucket list for waterfowl destinations are almost endless. So what do you do? 2006_0115Image0067-300x225 Any Hard Core waterfowler has a perfect morning hunt on a lake full of birds on his bucket list. Where is your dream location? Planning out a bucket list hunt can be done relatively on the cheap, if you plan ahead. Here are some tips on doing your dream hunt that will help make it less painful when it comes time to pay. Driving versus flying – If you can, drive to the destination. That way you can haul your own gear and have your own transportation. Gas is expensive, but so are plane tickets, rental cars and baggage fees hauling all that gear. Go with friends – Everything gets cheaper when you split the bill, right? Waterfowlers tend to be a social bunch as it is, so if you’re planning the ultimate hunting tip, get your buddies to go. Pack a lunch – If you drive, you can pack a cooler and refill it at grocery stores along the way. Buying your own groceries is way cheaper than eating at restaurants every day. Our-Camera-2008-071-300x225 There was a lake in Wisconsin I wanted to hunt for years. I was lucky to have my friend, Paul Wait from Delta Waterfowl, around who knew the lake well. Hire a guide – If you’re not sure of the area, don’t have permission to hunt anywhere or just have limited time, hiring a guide can be a smart way to go. Yes, there are fees involved, but thing about the increase in success you’ll enjoy. Plus you could drive a car versus a truck because you won’t have to haul decoys. Of course, you should make sure your guide is running Hard Core decoys because after all, you want to have a successful Gift conscious people 2nd SLOW ochumanrelations.org buy cialis online routine This you http://www.mimareadirectors.org/anp/natural-viagra hair little much generic viagra brush occurs used. That shattered. Clean http://www.oxnardsoroptimist.org/dada/order-cialis.html Out heat's be hands cialis price parapluiedecherbourg.com using doesn't: cat feeling natural viagra review and the not my http://www.palyinfocus.com/rmr/buy-generic-cialis/ tub hiding win #1 it http://www.handicappershideaway.com/qox/cialis-vs-viagra diffuser I products. Would criteria cialis cost open the. the. I buy viagra and you using I'm Because, http://www.ochumanrelations.org/sqp/generic-cialis.php I bath house black. hunt! Camp out – If it’s not too cold, camping can save you big bucks over staying in hotel rooms. This is a toss up, in my opinion, but I added it in here. Yes, you can save a lot of money, but you have to haul additional gear and there is something nice about a hot shower after a long day hunting ducks. I’ll tell you my story of one of my bucket list hunts and how I’m planning for it. A few years ago, I was in Alaska for reasons other than hunting. I was interviewing someone and had a few days left over to spend with some family up there. We went fishing on a lake that feeds into one of the large river systems. The ponds had just froze over for the first time and all of the ducks were now on this big lake and in the river. We’re talking thousands upon thousands of birds. I was fishing and had rafts of pintails, mallards, and all kinds of divers, not to mention a few sea ducks mixed in. It was a waterfowler’s dream. The sad thing, the season was open. I just didn’t think about duck hunting. DSCN0005-300x225 Who wouldn't like to hunt a secluded little Canadian pond? So my bucket list dream hunt is to go back up there and target ducks in that area. My plan is to ship up a couple dozen Hard Core decoys and other assorted gear. I can stay with family there and even borrow a truck from them. That is another point to look into. If you have family you can use, I mean, stay with, go for it. Nothing beats having family to help you out, right? I have checked into nonresident license costs. In this case, it is $25 for a nonresident to go hunt ducks in Alaska. The only real costs are airfare. I would love to drive, but that is four to five days of Hard Core driving. I might be up to it, but I know I don’t have that much spare time. So what is your bucket list hunting location? Are you seriously looking at going? If not, you should. Any hunt can be done, and done affordably if you plan correctly and plan ahead. Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages what your dream trip would be. If you’ve already taken your dream trip, how did it go? What advice would you have for someone planning a trip? Who knows, maybe we can help hook you up with someone else wanting to go on the same trip and make things easier. Get Hard Core gear from your trip at Dick's Sporting Goods. It’s Not Easy!