Team Hardcore finds themselves home in Louisiana

Louisiana Bucks and Ducks Louisiana holds a special place in my heart! Having been born and raised in Louisiana's woods and waters, it's always nice to be able to come home to the place where my love for the outdoors took root. One thing that was a staple for me when I was growing up was deer hunting.  As I grew older and was able to hunt on my own I then discovered the treasure of hunting waterfowl in the timbers and flooded sloughs of the Mississippi River bottoms, which is home to some the finest deer and waterfowl hunting in the world!  Those are just two of the reasons why Louisiana is known as "The Sportsmans Paradise."  That's exactly where Team Hardcore finds themselves this week, HOME! With the rut in full swing, bucks were chasing does everywhere, but the only thing that came my way were young bucks that needed a few more years to grow. As I sat waiting on that mature buck that never came, I couldn't help but notice the flocks of ducks flying into the slough that was across the timber from where I was sitting.  Cody, on the other hand, finally had that love struck mature buck chase a doe right across his path.  After getting back to camp the congratulations, celebration, high fives, and all the excitement that is part of the hunt when someone kills something began.  We started talking with our buddy,  John Storey who we were hunting with, about all the ducks that we had seen all day! He told us he knew the exact spot where they were landing and he would love for us to go try to hunt them the next morning. So that night, Kevin and I broke out our duck calls and got our shotguns ready to go, with our decoys already loaded in the truck we were ready for daylight. As the sun started lighting the eastern sky we were throwing out the decoys out around some grass patches in the slough where we planned to hide.  The sky was full of ducks, all we were waiting on was legal shooting time! Let the fun begin! By: Keith Burgess