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It Doesn’t Stop Here

A brand inspired by passion.

Hardcore™ was founded out of the desire to produce high-quality, durable, realistic decoys and waterfowl hunting accessories for the hard-core waterfowl hunter. Always looking ahead, we continually strive to create products that not only work flawlessly in the field but also leave a lasting impression on our customers.

Hard Core Waterfowl Our Story

We are using the best materials, ultra-realistic paint schemes and always keeping innovation at the forefront.

At the end of the day, when our customer purchases something that says Hardcore™, they’re expecting it to be what it says it is: Hardcore™. We strive to live up to our name everyday so that when you’re in the field, our products will come through for you time and time again.


Hardcore™ Pro-Staff and Flyway Managers

Our Team

Tom Forman

Tom Forman

Mississippi Flyway North Pro-Staff Manager

Jason Summers

Central Flyway Pro-Staff Manager

Jeremy Bedette

Jeremy Bedette

Atlantic Flyway Pro-Staff Manager

Kevin Bernauer

Kevin Bernauer

International Pro-Staff Manager