Out of Sight, Out of Mind | Realtree Camo Can Make All the Difference

The Right Camo for the Job│ Realtree Has You Covered Every hunter knows just how important good camouflage is, and year in and year out Realtree Camo has made the difference between success and failure for many hunters across the country. For those of us with the passion to chase waterfowl, concealment is the name of the game. The Right Camo for the Job | Hard Core BrandsWaterfowl, much like many game species have amazing eyesight and can pick off even the most seasoned hunter if they are not concealed to the max. It takes time, patience, skill, and most importantly the proper equipment to truly be successful. Being able to fool a wide-eyed mallard duck or Canada goose can be incredibly difficult even in the most advantageous conditions. Investing in versatile gear with best camo pattern available can help you put more meat on the table, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you have enjoyed duck hunting or goose hunting even for a short while, you have surely come to realize the importance of concealment. Many waterfowl hunters are extremely diligent when it comes to camouflaging their blinds and boats, but sometimes fall short on personal concealment. Here at Hard Core, we believe in checking all the boxes and leaving nothing to chance. We will never hit the woods or the water with a versatile Realtree camo pattern like Max-5 covering everything from our hats to boots. At Hard Core we believe in these values, and believe that tenacity and the pursuit of success is what separates Hard Core hunters from the rest. Realtree Camo products embrace these same beliefs, and we proud to have them as partners in the hunting industry. The Realtree Max-5 camo pattern offers everything that the Hard Core waterfowler is looking for in a camo pattern. Regardless of the type of habitat you are hunting, from duck hunting in flooded timber or moist soil marshes, to goose hunting on the mighty river banks or corn field or the Midwest, Realtree Max-5 can help you get it done. Here at Hard Core, we offer a wide range of outer wear and apparel and waders in the Realtree Max 5 camo pattern. From our hoodies, parkas, and waders, to hats and blind bags you will find Max-5 and Hard Core on almost every item we offer. Our versatile and durable line of waterfowl hunting gear can with stand any amount of punishment that even the most Hard Core watefowler can dish out, and with Max-5 camo it is truly a winning combination. The next time you hit the field, leave nothing to chance and make sure that you are taking the time and putting in the work needed to be concealed, it’s the name of the game!


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